About Join Secretly

The founder of Join-Secretly.com is a private individual – see FAQs. He founded the site following the Ashley Madison identity disclosures.
The objective is to provide a simple 100% secure way to join a dating or adult website without leaving any identity trail and without too much hassle.

Currently, there are two ways to avoid leaving a trail, use a proxy server or a prepaid card.

A proxy server will not hide payment details but only your IP address which there is no point hiding anyway if using legal websites – the only sites we will join for you. ISPs for proxy servers will reveal real IP addresses on demand by the authorities.

But, the authorities are not interested in who uses legal websites.  Unfortunately, hackers and rogue staff are very interested – and it may interest your partner too.

Prepaid cards can be bought physically or online. If online you have to give a delivery address, which creates an immediate identity trail. Physical or online purchases require an ID check. You would need to activate the card on-line which will require an email address and validation via a mobile phone text.

Using prepaid cards will not decrease your chance of detection by hackers or rogue staff and may actually increase risks of detection by a partner.

Our proposal is radically simple and hassle free but requires a leap of faith on your part. You have to send us cash or a cash equivalent anonymously.  It sounds crazy but if you read the FAQs you’ll see it’s not really crazy at all.

Who can see your information?

About Join Secretly