Terms and Conditions

Relationship of the Parties

  1. Any person making any payment to Join-Secretly.com agrees to these terms and conditions.
  2. Join-Secretly.com acts as an agent for a principal, i.e. the person or entity paying their fees.


  1. Join-Secretly will only join websites that are legal to view in the UK. It will not make payments to individuals or businesses. Principals must be aged 18 or over.
  2. As a broad but not exclusive test a legal website is one which can be found via popular and well known search engines operating in the UK, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  3. Any legal matter arising will be determined by UK Law.
  4. Any non-UK resident paying Join-Secretly.com, contrary to their own domestic laws, fully indemnifies Join-Secretly.com against any costs and claims arising.


  1. Join-Secretly’s fees are a flat £15.00 to join a website and can cover a set term, say three months or six months. Auto-renewable fees are not permitted.  If the only membership option is to pay a monthly fee which the website say they will automatically take again the next month then you cannot ask us to join the website on that basis.  It has to be a fixed fee or nothing.  VAT does not currently apply to fees. Any fee changes will be notified in advance.


  1. Join-Secretly.com is not obliged to join any site unless full payment of the website membership fee is received together with its fee is received in full.
  1. In the UK payment can be made by Uncrossed Postal Orders or cheques made out to cash or by cash. Payment can be in any currency. It is recommended that any cash payment is sent by registered (or similar) post and care should be taken to ensure any cash enclosed is not visible. Any payment system from abroad is accepted  provided Join-Secretly.com can cash the sums received at a UK Post Office or pay them into a UK bank account. Currency exchange rates applied should be those pertaining when the payment is sent and will be accepted even if subsequently changing.
  1. Coins must not be sent as part of any payment.

Rounding Up

  1. If paying by cash the sum must be rounded up. For example, In the UK the smallest denomination note is £5.00. Therefore if the sum due is £20.01 it has to be rounded up to £25.00. Avoid this by sending an uncrossed Postal Order.


  1. Where an underpayment is made the sum paid will be held for up to three months pending the balance being received. After three months the payment will be deemed abandoned by the principal and may be retained by Join-Secretly.com.


  1. Underpayments or instructions that contain errors will be notified on the website. These will be encoded showing the first two letters of the user name, first two of the password, first two of the website and the amount received. If you cannot login using the user name and password you sent look at this list. It will state against each entry the reason it is on the list. For example, ‘underpayment £2.50 due’ or ‘password not clear or matching, resend a form’. For you to communicate with us just send your user name and password by post with your  message. Alternatively you can telephone or text. If we are busy your call may not be taken and we do not take messages as voice messages are not always clear. So instead please send a text but do not text for at least 72 hours from the time we receive your form. If the answer is already in the FAQs we will not answer other than ‘see FAQs’. Media enquiries or business enquiries can use the contact page or text.


  1. Allow 48 hours from Join-Secretly’s receipt of cleared funds before attempting to use the User Name and Password. Only communicate with Join-Secretly if there is still a problem after 72 hours.


  1. Join-Secretly.com will use its best endeavours to provide a satisfactory service but has no liability to principals other than its obligation to comply with these terms and conditions.  If problems arise as a result of any inflexibility by third party websites, for example refusal to change passwords if errors occur, Join-Secretly.com cannot be held liable.

Your Liability

  1. You must be 18 years of age to use the service. If you are below that age and use the service dishonestly and the matter comes to the attention of the Police then you may receive a criminal record. Any adult assisting or encouraging someone under age to use the service will be committing a criminal offence and be liable to prosecution.