Answers to commonly asked questions.

The writer. I’m a retired businessman and whilst there would be no harm to me in publicity there would be no benefit either, so on balance I prefer to remain private. Maybe that’s why I came up with the idea in the first place.

I realise people won’t pay unless they have confidence it’s not a scam so  thought about using some sort of trustee to receive funds like an accountant or solicitor but they would not be interested unless they had the full ID of the sender and the margins are so tight that would not work. If I put my name and photo on the website it may encourage people but any scammer could do that.

The best I can do is say you can call me if you want to, initially I’ll be able to talk to people but hopefully, if the business takes off, this will no longer be possible but you can still email and text and we’ll answer all.

You don’t – but you do know using your own card details to join a website will potentially leave you open to a swamp of scammers, crooks and assorted well-wishers.

It must be obvious that our self-interest is in building a reputation and client base to earn regular ongoing income rather than set up a hit and run operation. Not stealing money also has the benefit of allowing me to sleep at night and not worry about the prospect of spending time in one of Her Majesty’s establishments.

Yes. Trusting anyone is a risk but people implicitly trust strangers every day. Only rarely do they find themselves let down.

Please use registered post then the chances of theft is not absolutely zero but is virtually zero.  Make sure people cannot see any cash in the envelope.

Well I’m writing this before we launch – but we’ve put a news section in and keep people updated with numbers.

As a guess, mainly professional people. When they weigh up the potentially catastrophic consequences of being ‘outed’ against the possibility of losing a paltry sum of money – there is no contest.

No. Websites can currently be accessed by those who are under-age. All I can say is that if you are under-age and you use our service and publicise that fact you might end up with a police caution and everyone locally identifying you. If you are an adult who encourages or assists such illegal activity you could find yourself on the sex-offenders register.

You are subject to your own local jurisdiction. We thought about a USA office but the laws vary from State to State and so it would be too risky to set up in the USA knowing legal battles could ensue. Airmail post from the USA can arrive in the UK next day.

Because we don’t want to advertise the location that handles cash.

Go to the relevant website’s check out and complete it as far as you can to see the final cost but abandon the checkout before you pay or give any card details. In the UK you can send uncrossed Postal Orders or cheques made out to ‘cash’ or cash  (no coins). If  cash ensure it is not visible through the envelope.

Round-up cash payments. For example, in the UK the smallest note denomination is £5.00 so if the cost including our fee is, say, £20.01 you have to send £25.00 or you will have to underpay.  If you underpay we will hold the payment for three months pending receipt of the balance, see T&Cs.  Avoid rounding up by using an uncrossed Postal Order.  if sending cash from abroad the same principle applies.

Contact us by texts or emails, if others have access to your phone use a pay as you go phone to avoid any risk.

To contact you we’ll put a notice on the website, encoded by the first and last two letters of your user name and password.  Check for a message if you are unable to log in after 72 hrs of our receipt of your form.  Any message is most likely to relate to an underpayment.

The biggest concern is illegible handwriting. For example, we might mistake a ‘c’ for a letter ‘e’.  See ‘How do we communicate’ above.

You can give us your email address that you normally use or create one via for example Hotmail.  Go to www.hotmail.com and it takes two seconds to create an email address , i.e. abcdef@hotmail.  Don’t forget you have to log in to hotmail to read any replies.

None known but we expect to see copycat sites – but we are the first and hope to be established with a trusted reputation by the time they appear.

No. We don’t use reviews and testimonials because anyone can just fake a few statements and plaster them on a website or review sites. A review is only meaningful if someone gives their contact details – and our users won’t do that. So any reviews you see on sites will be spoofs.

Yes.  Twitter @joinsecretly  and Facebook.com/joinsecretly.

we don’t think anyone is going to ‘like’ our Facebook page as most customers are just interested in being anonymous.  Ditto Twitter.  Any (polite!) advice always welcome.

Because most websites are not set up to take cash receipts – the big question is who opens their post? – you’d just be hoping someone honest with a vested interest in their business opens your letter and, instead, doesn’t just stick your letter and cash in their pocket/handbag – you may be OK but really that is a chance too far – at least with us you know that being honest is our business model and we have a communication strategy in place if there are any typos or underpayments.