How it Works

We join websites on your behalf.

We charge a flat fee of £15.00 per transaction.

We require the form attached to be completed and posted to us by registered post.

The form requires you to send us:

a) the address of the website you wish to join
b) the login details, (a password & user-name you choose)
c) an email address (not required on all sites – see the form)
d) payment for the website registration costs
e) our fee or the equivalent in any other currency.

Important:  You can only pay flat fee memberships, you cannot pay a fee for a recurring charge, so ensure the payment option you select on the website is a one-off and non-recurring charge.

Why risk everything?


We bank the cash and register on the website using the details you have supplied and using our own credit card.

Allow us processing time of at least 48 hours from receipt of your form and cash, then you can login to that website using details you supplied.

Is it Legal?

In the UK it is lawful both to join contact sites and view pornography providing such sites do not show non-consensual sex or feature anyone underage. NB We will not sign-up to illegal websites. Sites using actors or models are consensual.